Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Coast & Cornwall Day 4 - Eden Project & Mevagissey

I thought the day would be quite disappointing when I woke up to grey clouds and a forecast for heavy downpours. But then it occurred to me that being inside a massive greenhouse was probably the best place to be during the rain, so I headed off to the Eden Project mid-morning.

The first Biome I visited was the tropical one - bad news for photography because as soon as you enter, everything mists up with condensation. Quite annoying, and although I took a few pictures (they all have "built-in soft-focus filter") but they weren't up to much.

Thankfully, as soon as you come out of the hothouse, things get back to normal with the camera and the Temperate Biome was much better for picture opportunities. Here are a couple of examples:[Inner workings of a tulip revealed when a couple of petals have fallen away]

This robin was quite happy to wander around inside the Biome and pose for photographs!

[Robin in the Biome]

After another massive downpour around 4pm, I decided to leave Eden and head back to my hotel. But I'd been in the car for about 10 minutes and the sun came out - so I headed off to the picturesque fishing harbour at Mevagissey, spending over an hour taking pictures in the evening sunshine:

[Mevagissey Reflections]

Then I enjoyed a lovely dinner in a local fish restaurant - Cornish Monkfish!

The weather promises to be better tomorrow, and I plan to drive around the Roseland Peninsular on the way to Falmouth.

See a few more photos from today in my Flickrstream.

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John Flood said...

Looks like you are having a wonderful time, Caroline. I'm enjoying the photos. The blog is a great idea. I'm learning from this! John