Friday, May 04, 2007

Coast & Cornwall Day 7 - Newlyn To Land's End

Another stop-start day, with a bit of driving followed by a break for pictures.

My attention was attracted first off by the ruin of an old mine near Cripplesease, as I was heading for Penzance & Newlyn. Both had lovely harbours, but Newlyn's was a little more picturesque:

[Float My Boat - just how many fishing floats does one boat need?]

I moved round the coast to Mousehole around lunchtime, but sadly the tide was out and it wasn't quite as pretty as it could have been with a little more water in the harbour. Then on couple of miles to Porth Curno and the Minack Theatre, a bizarre creation perched on the side of a cliff with the Atlantic Ocean as the backdrop:

[The Minack Theatre is perched on the side of a cliff]

As I'm down here, I had to take a trip to Land's End, but as expected it was a horribly over-commercialised enterprise - most of which was closed by 4:30pm! Thank heavens I didn't have to part with any more coinage to pay for parking or to get a look at the cliffs. Here's a punter posing with the famous sign:

[Land's End Random Bloke - he claimed to have worn the same shirt on his last visit in 1960 - let's hope he'd washed it inbetween!]

See a few more photos from today in my Flickrstream.

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