Sunday, March 18, 2007

Photographic Tutorials

Sheila had a good idea, to collect the titles/links of my tutorials on photography, initially written for BarCampLondon2. I'll also be updating the list regularly when I post a new photography tutorial, so you can easily keep tabs on them.

Taking Better Pictures
These were the posts which formed my presentation at BarCampLondon2. They are aimed at anyone who would like to improve their photography, whether they use a fully-automatic compact camera or SLR. The principles apply equally to film and digital photography.
Getting Technical
These are aimed at people with a bit of photographic knowledge, but would like to learn more about the technicalities. They will explain the affects of ISO speed, shutter speed, apertures and more.
How To Take...
These are a few tips on how to handle particular photographic situations, with examples showing how best to get the picture you want.
Please get in touch by leaving a comment if you would like any other aspect of photography explained.


sigint said...

By far the most easily digestible source of relevant information for people new to SLRs. Fantastic. Thanks a lot!

Caz Mockett said...

Thanks Sigint! Glad to hear they were useful to you :-)