Saturday, May 05, 2007

Coast & Cornwall Day 9 - Tintagel & Boscastle

I set off from Padstow this morning with a hazy sky above, but by late morning it had burned off a bit. I had a look around the ancient village of Tintagel and King Arthur's alleged castle. It's a stiff climb up the cliffs but the views from the top are worth it:

[View from high up on the cliffs at Tintagel, with ruins and the rocky cove below]

My next stop was just a few miles up the road, to the bustling village of Boscastle, star of the BBC's "A Country Parish" which was devastated by a massive flash flood in August 2004. They are still rebuiling parts of it, although most of the shops and houses are back to normal. Here's an innocuous view of low tide in the 16th Centuary harbour:

[A few boats sitting quietly in Boscastle Harbour at low tide]

My final stop of the coastal tour was back in Devon, at Westward Ho!, where I found a nice restaurant for dinner, after exploring the pebbly beach. Some of the smooth grey pebbles have lovely white stripes running through them - they were so pretty, I couldn't resist picking up a few to bring home (you may see some more studies of them in due course):

[Attractive pebbles on Westward Ho!'s rocky beach]

So, that's it for my coastal wanderings. Tomorrow I'm off to visit friends in Wiltshire on the way home, for a couple of days. I'll post some more pictures if I see anything interesting on the way, although I think rain is forecast, so I might not stop many places. I hope you've enjoyed sharing my trip!

See a few more photos from today in my Flickrstream.


nencee said...

hi Caz, have to tell you that your blog is inspiring. I have recently made a comment in one of your post in March (About depth of field). Other than that it was also a cry for help....

Caz Mockett said...

Hi Nencee,

I had seen the other comment, but I hadn't got around to replying yet. I'll see if I can think of a good answer for you soon.

Glad to hear you like reading the blog, thanks for leaving your messages.


nencee said...

Hi Caz, no worries. Take your time. I'll be around ;p