Sunday, March 02, 2008

February Review

February was of course longer than usual this year, but us 366 folk didn't get a day off! I've still kept up the photo a day discipline quite easily. And I think my "mundane" days have been more interesting than those during January, so maybe I'm learning!

I'll kick off with some "near misses" that almost made it as shot of the day during February:

[Millennium Window - the lovely new stained glass in Fryerning Church was a close call for Day #40]

[Saturated - a curious abstract I stumbled upon during my walk around Ulting on Day #41]

[Goblet of Fire was another image from the studio when I was messing about for Day #45]

[Kennady's Abstract - I loved the soft colours with this long exposure for Day #46]

[The Tilled Earth - a nice sepia treatment which almost made it for Day #55]

[The Duck Pond - a bit of a chocolate box picture from my look around Battlesbridge on Day #57]

As I said in the beginning, I think my "boring" days have been slightly more creative than January. This was tested during Days 35-37 when I was sick - but I still managed a shot or two with my compact camera, so haven't broken the 366 rule.

The 366 group on Flickr I belong to has weekly themes to help you out when inspiration is lacking. The theme for Week 6 was "Love Is..." I was a bit stuck for what to do, but then an idea germinated just before I was due to spend the day in the Studio with a friend on 14th. My entry was called "Love Is ... Never Black & White" which was my picture for Day #45, and I was delighted that the 366 folks voted it best picture for week 6.

I think it was particularly pleasing as I'm not often a photographer who pre-conceives an idea and then sets it up for a picture, I'm much more likely to go with what I see in front of me. So to have taken a successful image which required thought and pre-planning was quite a departure for me. And it meant I got to choose the theme for Week 8, which I decided would be Nature's Patterns.

I hope you continue to observe my journey through the year during March.